Tes Yuk Gaming Pubg ID, Real Name, Sensitivity, control code, Face and More

Real name Unknown
Nickname Tes Yuko
Birthplace Indonesia
Country Indonesia
PUBG name




Service 5-finger claw player with full gyroscope

Tes Yuk Gaming Biography

In this article I am going to tell you about Tes Yuk Gaming. His real name is unknown. Tes Yuk Gaming is the famous PUBG Mobile from Indonesia. He lives in Indonesia. Tes Yuk Gaming makes videos of PUBG Mobile Game on Youtube. He started his YouTube channel in 2013. But he started uploading videos from 2022.

Tes Yuk Gaming Gaming makes game reviews of new phones. He makes high kill gameplay with. He uploads a Pubg Mobile Hendcam video. Tes Yuk Gaming Plays Pubg Mobile with 5 fingers claw with full gyroscope.

Tes Yuk Gaming started his YouTube channel on December 4, 2013 and his YouTube channel has over 800k plus subscribers. His total YouTube view is 150 million Plus views.

Tes Yuk Gaming Pubg ID

Tes Yuk Gaming Pubg ID number is 5325248483 and his Pubg name is AAgame’z

Lesser Known Facts About Tes Yuk Gaming

  • Tes Yuk Gaming is the famous PUBGM player.
  • He lives in Indonesia.
  • His ID level is 52.
  • He has about 50k popularity in the game.
  • He plays PUBG on 5-finger claw with full gyroscope.

Most wanted questions about Jacob Gaming

Ans: Tes Yuk Gaming is the famous Pubg Mobile Player. He has about 800k subscribers on YouTube.

What is Tes Yuk Gaming’s real name?

How much the net worth of Tes Yuk Gaming?

Tes Yuk Gaming’s Most Famous Pubg Video

This video has over 8 million views and over 200k likes.

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 8:41 pm

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