The most hated guns in pubg mobile. 5 worst weapon in 2021 –

In pubg mobile, there are different types of weapons like AR, SMG, SHOTGUN, MALEE, AUTOMATIC SNIPER and many more. And of all the weapons, some give extra power to the players. While some weapons are most hated by Pubg mobile players for their unsatisfactory ability and strength.

Yes, every weapon is made for a purpose. Still, some mobile pubg weapons are the worst, despite massive damage and accuracy.

Here you know the weak mobile pubg weapons in 2021. And which weapon not to select to get chicken dinner in a ranked PUBG match.

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5 Most Hated Mobile Pubg Weapons That Are Worst For The Match

Most hated pubg mobile guns photo

The hit damage of MK47 is 49, which is best for killing the enemy. However, the players don’t like the gun with only higher damage power. The no. 1 pistol, it must also have a different quality.
Just focus on MK47 recoil,
don’t you think the MK47 has a hard recoil?

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And it’s the reason why most pubg mobile players don’t like the MK47 pistol despite the damage.

However, it’s not the pubg hated weapon you should ignore them. Just use it if you don’t have anything to give a shot.

worst pubg weapon pic

If you are a Miramar aficionado you surely know how the worst pubg WIN98 weapons are.

WIN94’s damage is also lower than other snipers. And another unacceptable feature of WIN94 is,
You cannot use the scope of your choice because it already has a preset 4X scope.

So the Miramar map is full of snipers. But you shouldn’t use WIN94 gun in pubg mobile matches to get chicken dinner† Use other weapons instead.

VSS (automatic sniper)
VSS (automatic sniper).

Your shooting location will disappear from the map while using VSS.
It is a unique feature of VSS.

However, a single good feature does not best suit the gun.
You have to use the gun with high damage and best recoil to win PUBG matches. But VSS is silent weapons without much damage.

Only you should use it for stealth attacks or else you don’t pick it.
This is why most players don’t like VSS weapons in Pubg mobile games.


Some players like the VECTOR pistol in pubg mobile as it deals a lot of damage in close range combat.

And the ammunition capacity is 19 without extended magazine. Also, the initial bullet velocity is 350 m/s. That’s best for 1 on 1, but not for the team.

Therefore, vector gun is not the player’s choice as it is a bad weapon for squad match in pubg mobile.


M16A4(AR) is another worst weapon in PUBGM due to its burst mode.

Burst mode is tricky to use in competitive matches. So the player who takes M16A4 into the match is not going to get a chicken meal anytime soon.

It is the region where the player hates the pubg mobile M16A4 pistol.

Updated: March 22, 2022 — 2:23 am

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