The Story of SouL Viper

One of the original founders of Team SouL, he stayed with the organization since playing his first tournament in DreamHack 2018. 21 year old. Viper is one of the early heroes of the Indian PUBG Mobile scene.

With a number of significant achievements under his belt and having represented the nation on several global occasions, VipeR is certainly one of India’s most accomplished and recognized gamers. Below that, however, VipeR is one of India’s top players who has built a reputation for versatility and a master of his craft.

While not typical of the kill list and the MVP list, VipeR has proven time and again that he can fit into any position and any state of play and work it to his advantage.

This is the story of Yash Soni ‘aka Viper’. Yash’s in-game name is SouL VipeR and he is 21 years old and from Mumbai. Actually, he watched a lot of WWE since childhood and his favorite was Randy Orten, and his nickname was VipeR, so any game he played he would keep that as my nickname.

Interested in gaming

Like most young adults, VipeR also found a love for gaming via consoles and PC. He played every game. Console recreation, and for a reason that starts itself, things like PS2, PS3 and PS4, no matter what video games they like, the start happened with PC in childhood with Counter-Strike and other PC games and before all, things like Road Rash he would play. So Viper always loved gaming but never thought he would do it professionally. He used to play a similar game called Free Fire. It was the same Battle Royale mobile game. And then came PUBG, with drastic changes in graphics and stuff, dynamic was really good too. So then he switched to PUBG.

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Start time in Pubg

In the beginning, Viper played for timepass classics for the ranking. Then he met MortaL much later. Before that, Soul Viper played RIP Clan. It was formed by friends that we all met in the game during the ranking. That was it. Professionally, he wouldn’t play it. Only for the ranked push. And then he found players in the game and then DreamHack came and he got caught with it.

Shiny moment in 2018

Soul Viper
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Every player has a moment in their life when the sun shines on them. VipeR’s shining moment came at DreamHack Mumbai 2018. Actually, it was very new for Viper. He hadn’t thought much because he didn’t have much idea and that time after DreamHack he met 8Bit Thug and he explained it to us from the beginning and obviously he had also played PMSC 2018 which was also the first international PUBG tournament.

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He knew what was going on, how things were going and the growth potential that lay ahead. After DreamHack, he saw the gameplay of Viper. He saw everything and said as he analyzed what potential we had what could happen and that’s how the team was formed and he’s been a great support through the journey from the beginning and all the way to Viper YouTube and everything under his leadership because Viper didn’t have much idea because he didn’t at least play professionally and streaming had zero ideas. So then Viper was very lucky to have MortaL and Thug there.

When Viper thinks of a professional PUBG Mobile player?

The story of VipeR is different. Before PUBG, Viper did BCom. 10th and 12th were completed. And on the 10th he got 90% points. Until then he was a decent student. After that, after he entered college, Viper took little interest in gaming. Then PUBG started. After the 12th standard then the first year of B.Com started and since then PUBG started Viper played all day for time pass. With BCom, Viper also went on to do an MBA, and coincidentally, CAT exams were on the date of my PMIS final on March 10, 2019. So he spoke at home and convinced them by saying he would try the next one because the final is a huge deal and it was the first such major tournament in India. And in the final itself, Viper was selected. Viper won and moved forward…everything worked out. The second trophy of PMIS was a turning point in our lives, so since then the problems started to go uphill.

Berlin World Final

Soul Viper
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With the PMIS victory, Viper and co. seemed ahead to insure themselves as the most effective in India. They did so with type when they arrived here first at PMCO Spring Split 2019. Their journey turned into a legend among Indian followers and with tickets to the Berlin Global Finals, all eyes were on them. Unfortunately, they couldn’t recreate their success when they finished twelfth here. However, their workforce went from a reputation with few massive weapons to anyone turning into a sensation. But his followers were not the ones who discovered him.

8Bit Thug Contract

Thug gave him a rough idea of ​​what could happen and what the potential is. It was just the first Viper tournament he played while living in Mumbai in Goregaon. So he went there after getting permission at home and said there is a PUBG event. Until then there wasn’t a big scene where they will play competitively. But after that he got contracts and was explained to him how it works and how it goes further.

The dreams and ambitions of VipeR

PUBG Mobile became big in India, just like the dreams and aspirations of VipeR. However, this came at the cost of his parents’ dream for him. For some time. Some say you have to struggle and do your best until your idols become your competitors. In the case of VipeR, his idol became his teammate! In fact, back then there were no changes except for YouTube. There were very few YouTubers back then and MortaL was one of them. So everyone followed him, including Viper. and he was a huge fan! They played Nova, Iconic, Pothead together and their chemistry was very entertaining to watch. Many people were influenced through YouTube at the time and he was one of them.

Mortal invited Viper to Soul Clan

Soul Viper
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When MortaL invited Viper to the SouL clan, Season 3 was underway and Viper was pushing through. They weren’t professionals then. The Soul clan recruited a lot of people and Viper was one of them and the competitive lineup started from DreamHack. Soul did not become India’s most beloved team overnight. Their dedication got them there, they too experienced times of uncertainty about their careers. Viper had a contract, but if you’re performing, go ahead if you didn’t, that lineup would have been disbanded. So there was a lot at stake at the time, but they were able to perform and win.

Team Soul Popularity

Soul’s popularity, Viper says I think Soul’s popularity started because of MortaL. He was already a famous streamer and influencer before Soul was formed. The audience he has built has helped us grow on YouTube and because of his humble nature, many people have personally supported us and learned those qualities. We connect emotionally with our audience. They’re happier than us when we win and more disappointed than us when we lose, that’s the kind of bond we have. This is something I’ve never seen or experienced the sheer amount of love people have for us and every coin has two sides. There is hate because there is love. It is our fans’ frustration that we understand that if we can’t perform, they will be disappointed too, so we always try to perform better in the next tournament to make them happy. The losses shouldn’t happen, but we pride ourselves on always trying to come back. We will deal with the hate if we get it and love it too.

Youtube channel trip

Surprisingly, his YouTube career didn’t start the same way. He even says he would do an MBA through YouTube. In fact, Viper wouldn’t have started YouTube at all. He would have gone for an MBA after B.Com which he was preparing. He would have done an MBA. His popularity has not made him arrogant. In fact, he has used his range for bigger targets. If God has enabled us to help someone we definitely need to help them and I have a platform where I can influence people to donate and help for a good cause so I am sure His love for gaming is not limited to PUBG Mobile.

He wants to try new games. The public just likes PUBG at this point. He knows, but there are many games that are more fun. Viper is eager to try them and he hopes people will enjoy them in the future towards the end.

Viper .’s Future Plans

Viper says: “I think as a team we will be a lot more composed, the communication we had to work on, we will work on that as well and since IGL was Sangwan before, MortaL has taken that role back on, so a little change in that we’d also like to go more aggressive on kills which will ultimately improve our gunfight, so a lot of improvements are needed in those areas and we’ll try to do as much as we can.

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