These are the best way to be an MVP on TDM matches in PUBG mobile. –

I want more kills to become an MVP in PUBG mobile TDM matches.
Yes, you want to win the TDM with a high kill for various purposes such as;

  • for achieving a performance title
  • to complete daily missions
  • In addition, to increase the level of Evo soil.

Also, the team death matches help the player to improve their aiming and skills for ranking matches.


TDM stands for ‘team death match’.
In the new upgrade, the PUBG mobile had given another TDM where you can use different kinds of weapons.

On TDM you can load all kinds of weapons except M249, AWM, MK14, MK12, VSS and Win94.
In addition, the advantage of TDM is that you can improve your aim and skills using different types of weapons.
So you can become a PUBGM TDM to match MVP, if your kills record is high.

Arena training

Arena training is another TDM where you can’t select the weapon in the lobby.

You get limited weapons like M416, UZI, victor, Scar-L, M762, AKM, Kar98K and M24(XT) in the arena training. For example, you can train for classic matches in the Arena. You can also become an MVP at Arena training if you get more kills.

The Rules of TDM Matches from PUBG Mobile

As a rule, you can’t play TDM matches alone, so you must have a team of four players.

But if you don’t have any friends to play with, you can play the matches with any player. And your team has to reach 40 points in 10 minutes to win TDM matches.

Otherwise, if you fail to collect 40 points within the time limit, the winner will be determined based on the number of kills. But to easily be the MVP in PUBG mobile’s TDM matches, your team must have a lot of kills.

By selecting the best weapons and attachments in the lobby, you can play both TPP and FPP mode.

  • Select the TDM card.
  • Tap the ‘load’ option to select suitable weapons and attachments.

These tips can help you become the MVP on PUBG mobile TDM competitions.

Select your TDM

Use headphones

You can’t become MPV at TDM matches if you don’t use headphones while playing PUBG mobile.
Because in the TDM matches you can’t see your enemy’s footprint on the map.

That’s why headphones help you listen to your enemy’s foot sound. As a result, you can easily predict your enemy’s location so you can kill them before they do.

Use of slide

Another secret to winning high kill TDM matches is better sliding.
So the slide is necessary to disrupt the target of your enemy from your body. It will also increase your movement.
That’s why you need to practice to slide correctly. In addition, if your slide is turned off, turn it on.

  • First, goo to setting and base.
  • Scroll down and tap the ‘slide’ option.
  • Finally, kturn it on when the slide is off.

Do not use ADS range.

To get an MPV title on TDM, you have to kill your enemy by focusing on the crosshairs.
However, you should not use ad scope as ads are used for the long term purpose. So if you use close-range ads, your movement will be slow.
But yes, you can use the ads if your target is far away from you.

Weapons and seizures.

Your best weapon selection will also help you get high kills on TDM matches. If you pick up a highly damaged weapon and a suitable attachment, you can kill the enemy effortlessly.
So I recommend you to use M416, Groza, M24 and SMG.

Change your position

Keep changing positions after killing a few enemies with one spray. After you kill your enemy from one location, they will detect you.
Therefore, once you shoot from one location, you need to find another direction for safe TPP.


Jiggle is the best way to kill more enemies in the TDM as it dodges your enemy’s target on you.
So keep your joystick small for quick shaking.

Use throwable

Some players don’t use a flag and stun grenade on the TDM which comes for free. But I advise you to use those throwable weapons wisely or for no reason.

These are the best weapons to win high kill TDM matches.

Best Weapon Selection

So use these weapons with the expanded warehouse to get the highest kills on PUBG mobile TDM matches;

weapon scopes End of a loop stock preliminary grip
M416 6x compensator tactical Laser sight
M762 Halo compensator Laser sight
GROZA 3x or, red dot barrel extender
M24 6x Suppressor cheek pad

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Best weapon for the arena in Pubg mobile

M416, Groza, M762, AKM and UZI

  • How do you unlock weapons and attachments for TDM matches?

Play more matches to unlock the weapons.

Updated: March 24, 2022 — 2:27 am

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