I’ll tell you the top 10 tips and tricks you need to know as a BGMI/Pubg player and we will also test these new attachments that are only available in event mode or ignition mode.

Technology center

starting with the 1st, currently the tech center is a huge hot-drop. Most people will land here, so let me tell you a secret trick to surprise your enemies.

Technology center

To reach that place, you have to jump like this, and somehow magically you will stand here, without falling down, maybe there is an invisible wall I think. Make sure to switch to the first person view or else your character will block all views and wait for your enemies to fall into your trap, your opponents will never expect you to be here. Your enemies won’t be able to see you in that position, so you’re perfectly safe this works even if the enemies are on the roof, you might surprise them. I mean, this is very unexpected.

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Technology center

Compensator vs Muzzle Brake

Compensator vs Muzzle Brake
Compensator vs Muzzle Brake

Many of you have asked me to compare Compensator vs Muzzle Brake, it is a new attachment that is only available in event mode. So I already tested it with AKM and ASM Abakan, and if you look closely at these sprays. You can clearly see that the new attachment muzzle brake gives you much better kickback reduction than the compensator. So there is no doubt that the muzzle brake is better than the compensator.

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But let’s do the same test with SMGshere is the UMPs blowback or spray pattern, without using attachments. Now UMP with a flash hider’s recoil spray, flash hider reduces recoil somewhat, not much, as its main purpose is to clear muzzle flash when firing. And now with compensator, compensator reduces recoil to 10% or more, and we all know it is the best muzzle attachment for normal classic games.

Compensator vs Muzzle Brake

But the new muzzle brake mount actually does a little better at reducing kickback than the compensator so obviously the new muzzle brake is better than the compensator even for SMGs so similarly it should be better for DMR Sniper rifles. and now to the ergonomic grip, it greatly improves the stability of the firearms so how well does it stack up against other grips.

UMP pattern

Let’s see, so this is the recoil pattern of UMP with a vertical grip, and now with an angled grip, by the way, the angled grip doesn’t change the vertical recoil. it only reduces the horizontal recoil of the weapon, while the ergonomic grip reduces both vertical recoil and horizontal recoil, making the ergonomic grip the best among the other grips.

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In the mission firing mode, you can use shields to protect yourself from gunfire, so if you want to destroy that shield, it would take hundreds of bullets to do so. So let me tell you the best way to break the shield you have to jump and hit the shield it will last 10 punch to break the shield completely, and 20 strikes normally.


Why am I telling you how to break the shield?

Well, right now the apartment campers block the door by placing a shield in the way and waiting for you to break the shield in a corner. So if you decide to shoot the shield, it will cost more than… 100 bullets to do, and it’s a waste of ammunition, instead throw a smoke and start hitting the shield, and as soon as you break it you’re going to kill them.

There is another way to attack the tech center campers, which is by using an air transporter. There are two air transport locations next to the tech center and the apartments, just use them and fly straight up and now land on top of the apartment and surprise the rooftop campers.

Cross the bridge

When you land on a military base or security center, and you don’t have a zone and you have to cross the bridge. But there may be some bridge campers, so to avoid them, you have to travel through an air conveyor. There are two air transporters on the military base island, one behind Nova and another here. So use this to cross to the bridge or if you want to kill the bridge campers in an unexpected way. This also works for the other bridge and you have to land very carefully while landing on top of the bridge. And find the bridge campers, and you can kill or troll them if you have a VSS

Tesla Gigafactory

You can only find 4 Teslas in a single game, and they are located in the Tesla factory or giga factory. So most people would land here at these giga factories, it’s going to be chaos here. If you don’t want to land here, and you still want to get Tesla mid-game or mid-game. You need to open your map and check if there are any Teslas in the gigafactory. When someone takes a Tesla from the gigafactory, the factory icon in your map will stop glowing as shown here, so you won’t get a Tesla from that gigafactory, you’ll have to find another that glows. To make Tesla, you need to activate 3 switchesthe 1st is here, so activate it,


The next one is in a room in secret† The latter is next to the Tesla logo at the top, once you activate it, the gigafactory will start making Tesla in 30 seconds. By the way, you get a supply crate behind Tesla.


And finally, in the tech center you will find a locked door and there is loot inside. To enter, you have to shoot the lock of the door, and it will break after shooting 30 bullets and you can loot here.

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