How to get rename card on PUBG mobile? 3 easy tips

Are you looking for tips to rename card to rename Pubg mobile ID?

If so, I’ve gathered three easy ways to get it.
But among them, two ways are free and easy, but the latter requires UC.

What is map rename?

Rename Map is the item used to rename your PUBG game profile. And another name card name is ID card.

So the player can rename his username using the ID card. They can also use up to 14 letters.

Why do players want to change their name?

The purpose of changing the name is to create a suitable team to play each match together.

But some players want to change their name for various reasons like; to decorate.

Tips to get free renaming card on Pubg mobile

Each new Pubg player gets one Rename card for free, but after using their card they cannot use it again.

That’s why players are looking for an extra ID card to change their name.

So, these are some other simple and useful tips to get more renaming cards on Pubg mobile.

*1† crew

It is the best way to get an ID card for free, but you need some points to get a card.

The cost of one renaming card is simply 200 points. So if you have 200 crew points, you can redeem them.

How to get a renamed map on PUBG mobile
Verify your crew
  • Go to the crew option.
  • Tap the option for crew verification
  • And collect 30 points weekly

However, if you have not verified your crew, you will not be able to collect your points. So you have to verify your crew or, you can join another verified team, to collect points every week.

How to exchange the ID card?

Free Rename Card Photo
Redeem your crew points
  • Go to crew option
  • Go to crew shop
  • Redeem your crew points with ID cards

2† Game Level

I already got a free renaming card at the 10th level,
but if you haven’t, follow the instructions.

get ID card on PUBG mobile
  • Inter-ID in the chat room
  • Redeem your ID from the 10th level mission.
I have already collected the rename card on PUBG mobile
I already have a renamed card

3† purchase method:

How to buy ID cards in pubg

The last method to get a renamed card on Pubg is the purchase method.

  • Tap shop
  • Tap baby
  • And buy the card with UC

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I give the name card to my friend?

No, you cannot share your renaming card with anyone.

  • How many ID card (rename) can I buy in the store?

You can buy 100 rename cards at once with 18000 UC.

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Updated: March 22, 2022 — 10:50 pm

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