Top 10 new features in PUBG new state which is not in PUBG mobile

Top 10 New Features in PUBG New Condition

New features in PUBG new state.

PUBG New State is a new spin-off mobile game set in the same world as PUBG Mobile. The alpha version of PUBG New State game has finally arrived, which brought a lot of important information about this game.

Today, we are going to list the best new features in PUBG New State for the players, which is also a Battle Royale experience in the future year of 2051.

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1- Green light gun 10 new features in PUBG new state
Top 10 new features in PUBG new state (Image via: Facebook)

This gun is used to revive the player’s dead teammates. Using the Green Flare Gun, a revived plane is summoned and the player’s dead mate is dropped onto the battlefield. Players can get this weapon in the drone shop. Players cannot bring another player back to life until they die for more than 90 seconds.

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2- New Electronic Cars

This will be a new car powered by electric batteries in addition to the usual Dacia, UAZ that runs on gas cylinders. It’s like the gas box, these batteries also move around the map very randomly. This is a new mechanic very nostalgic because this battery is a different type of gas canister.

3- Team Up Squad Mode

Team mode allows players to easily recruit enemies for their squads. If a player has lost a member of their squad and a dropped enemy is ready to swap, you can come back to life for a 4-player squad. Besides this mod, there is a lot of potential to be a “fun” mode and this mode will not be released as the main mode in PUBG New State at all.

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4- Drone Shop

Each player can easily collect drone credits on the map during gameplay. And he can also use all this stuff in exchange for the drone in the store. The credits collected by the players are shown, once the players have had enough, the player’s drone is sent to the player’s location.

Players need to keep an eye on enemies as enemies can claim your stuff at any time.

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5- New map: Troi

The first map of pubg new stat game will be troi and 8×8 island, similar to erangel as old map of pubg game. This map looks like a merger of Erangel, Miramar in PUBG Mobile. This map has mixed terrain such as: hills, valleys, streams and flat plains.

Top 10 New Features in PUBG New Condition

This map offers a variety of battle scenarios with different terrains.

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6- Trams 10 new features in PUBG new state
Top 10 new features in PUBG new state (Image via: Facebook)

Troi will have a set of trams that will run automatically between cities. The player has to jump over these places to reach them faster. Trams cannot be destroyed – all players hit by the trams will be knocked out and take heavy damage.

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7- Deployable shield 10 new features in PUBG new state
Top 10 new features in PUBG new state (Image via: Facebook)

All these mobile shields can be purchased by the players in the Drone Store. It provides valuable cover in combat and can take a lot of damage. Once placed, they cannot be moved.

8- Functional vehicle doors

Players can use them as temporary cover. This means that players can shoot to easily separate the door from the car and more easily expose the enemies inside.

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9- Search drones

This allows you to easily explore the area from the air to look for enemies. Players will not be able to control their characters easily while using these search drones, so it is best for the player to find a safe place before using these search drones.

10- Viper A-Spec Sight

It’s a new type of view that looks a bit more futuristic. though it only looks slightly better than the gun’s iron sights.

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Updated: March 16, 2022 — 3:53 pm

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