Best AR guns in pubg new state- Top 5 –

AR (Assault rifles) are the most useful weapons in pubg new condition. These weapons are suitable for both short and long combat. Their damage capacity is also high.

Players can select different types of Assault rifles for training and battleroyale matches. And each weapon performs differently than others.

For example, some assault rifles have a high recoil and some have a low recoil. Likewise, some have more bullet capacity and others have good movement and fire rate. And so forth

So in the article, I will list the top 5 assault rifle weapons in the new state of pubg that have the best performance in TDM and Battleroyale matches.

Top 5 assault rifle (AR) rifles in pubg new condition

1. Groza

Groza AR in pubg new condition

Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles in pubg: new state with high damage ability.

It is also best for medium and close range combat. So, if you find this AR in the airdrop, select it before the last circle.

But recoil becomes difficult to control using 3x,4x,6x scope.

2. AUG

AUG assault rifle in pubg new condition

The reason the AUG is another best AR in new condition is that the recoil is simple. Also, if your enemy gets close to AUG, the rate of fire won’t let him escape.

However, you can only choose AUG in the airdrop. So reach near the drop before your opponents pick it up.

3. M416

Nearly the 50% pubg new state player wants an m416 pistol in the match because of its high range and rate of fire. It also performs best in close quarters combat if players know how to use it.

However, M416’s damage capacity is a bit low, but its rate of fire manages everything perfectly. It needs a 5.56mm bullet type.

4. AKM

AKM AR in pubg new condition

The AKM is the best assault rifle for shooting range combat in pubg new. It is also known as a high-damage weapon that can be found all over the battlefield.

The recoil becomes unstable if you use a 3x,4x,6x scope. But if you learn to use it in TDM, no enemy of yours will survive on the battlefield.

5. Beryl M766

Finally, Beryl M762 enters the list of best AR weapons in pubg new condition because it makes close-range combat easier.

It’s the #1 AR for close-range combat, and you can find it everywhere.
Also, the rate of fire is the best that can kill any enemy instantly.

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 9:33 pm

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