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Most players dream of getting conqueror band in pubg mobile soon. However, many players cannot achieve their goal even if they are an experienced player. Why? Because they always try to reach in conqueror band in pubg mobile TPP mode, ignoring FPP.

Do you know?

To get the Conqueror rank in TPP, you need more than 9 ACE stars after 4 or 5 weeks.

TPP matches are more competitive than FPP.

Each pubg player selects TPP mode to increase the rank to the conqueror. As a result, the TPP is more competitive than the FPP mode.
You will find that most professional and professional players play TPP. They are already in the rank of conqueror, although they do not stop pushing.


Because their dream is to get a conqueror frame and title, which is only given to the best 600 players. Therefore, the pro-prayers continue their journey in the TPP. They push and push their ranking without getting tired.

And if you are an inexperienced player you will not survive the capture mission because this is the house of your professional opponent.

Even though you have a high-end device, good internet and a team, you will feel hard to compete in TPP mode. It’s really challenging. Instead of reaching the conqueror band in TPP, you will see yourself killed by an experienced band.

However, if you have a high dedication to win TPP mode, I don’t recommend trying FPP matches in PUBG mobile.
You can play solo or the duo in TPP mode to increase your survival time. You can also do your best with camping.

However, do not play a TPP squad if you are not an experienced player. If your team doesn’t have a goal like yours, you’ll regret it.

Which is the best to achieve in PUBG mobile conqueror rank, TPP or FPP mode?

To push PUBG rank FPP mode instead of TPP.

Yes, the TPP mode is also suitable for reaching in the conqueror layer, but it is a bit difficult.

Here is the comparison between TPP mode and FPP:

Low competition.

Earlier I told you, the TPP is full of a pro player. Only you can win the TPP mode if you are a master of pubg mobile. Otherwise it’s a struggle.


FPP is a bit boring but the best mode to get PUBG conqueror level fast, not much competition like TPP. Rock on.

less demand.

To play the TPP, a high-end device for the competition is required. If your device loads the gameplay lazily, it will be difficult for you to kill your skillful enemies.

But the FPP mode can be played on a low end device easy.

TPP is only best if your device is best, on the contrary, FPP mode is suitable to get conqueror band fast in PUBG mobile.

4 matches per day.

Playing 4 matches a day is enough to get the Conqueror rank in FPP. But you have to win them continuously.

However, in the TPP you have to play more matches than FPP to increase the PUBG rank.

Best for camping.

In FPP mode, there is a small chance to rush because your enemy will not find you in your location.
It’s easier to go camping in FPP than in TPP mode.

Need a few points.

As you know, you would have to be in the top 600 to reach the conqueror in both pubg TPP and FPP mode. But in FPP mode, it requires less points compared to TPP.
Because on FPP, if the player reaches the conqueror, they jump to the TPP. As a result, it lowers the competition.


That is the reason to play PUBG mobile FPP mode instead of TPP to quickly reach the conqueror layer.

But you should know some tips to achieve in the conqueror band.

Do not change your plan during the rank push. Just play with confidence. And practice more and more before entering the competition.

Updated: March 21, 2022 — 10:50 am

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