How to Unban PUBG Mobile Account

How To Fix PUBG Mobile Account Ban?

Why PUBG is banning my account

Why PUBG Ban My Account? There are 2 ways that can lead to a ban. Firstly, when you cheat and you are detected and you see an error message with changed game data or a ban message. Second, if you don’t see the “Data Changed” error, it means you got too many reports. There are also more terms and conditions as you can see below and I will explain to you how to unblock PUBG mobile account.

Some Guidelines: PUBG Mobile Ban Account

These are some of the conditions for a PUBG Mobile Ban Account.

  • Use any kind of cheat tool.
  • Using third party applications like VPN, GFX Tool, etc.
  • Change in data files.
  • Team up with other players.

When PUBG Mobile Check your account on Ban

  • If you kill 6 enemies within 3 minutes, the backend system will check your log
  • If you kill 5 enemies within 1 minute, Tencent will manually check your log
  • If your account is under 200 hours, 8 kills or more per game – manual check
  • If your account is under 500 hours, 10 kills or more per game – manual check
  • If your account is under 1000 hours, 20 kills or more per game – manual check
  • If 5 manual reports per game, manual check
  • At 6 reports from spectators you are dead – not applicable to Global
  • If 2 manual reports from teammate – straight ban

Note: If you are legit and you believe that your account has been banned by mistake, you can contact support service.

How to Unblock PUBG Mobile Account

How to Unblock PUBG Mobile Account

There is only way to delete PUBG Mobile account by contacting customer support. Do you think your account has been banned by mistake! Then you can contact PUBG Mobile Customer Service and address them on Unban PUBG Mobile Account.

  • Contact via official website
Step 1: Visit this PUBG Mobile Customer Service Link

Step 2: Fill in all the details deep

Step 3: Click the send button

Step 1: Log in to your email

Step 2: Go to the Compose an email option

Step 3: Write details about your PUBG Ban account

Step 4: Email [email protected]

Step 5: Click the send button

Remark: Don’t forget to add your character ID

If your account has been banned for cheating then there are very few chances to unblock pubg mobile account. It is better to be aware of any kind of cheating.

Conclusion: Unblock PUBG Account?

Today we learned how to unblock PUBG Mobile account. PUBG is a game and take it as a game, don’t use hacks. Play PUBG just for fun and enjoyment. I hope this article helps you to make sure you share your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you.

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 12:39 am

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