Unstable Connection Please Restart The Game PUBG New State Error Fix

Unstable connection Restart the game PUBG New Condition Error Fix While some users have no issues with the game, others are experiencing the PUBG: New State “Unstable connection” error on both iPhone (iOS) and Android. The full error message is as follows: “Alert: Unstable connection. [14] Restart the game. This new PUBG misspelling is particularly aggravating as it can appear at any time, even during a match that players have already connected to. It’s no fun having such a problem to stop battle royale matches. Fortunately, there are some solutions. Here’s how to fix “Unstable Connection” error in PUBG: New State.

PUBG: bug fix for “unstable connection” in new condition

pubg new state unstable connection error fixed

To resolve the PUBG: New State “Unstable Connection” error, players must do the following:

  • Restart the game.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions and restart the game.
  • Check if the game servers are live.
    • It’s a good idea to check the PUBG: New State official Twitter for any downtime messages.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
    • Make sure all downloads are paused and connect to Wi-Fi if possible.
  • Close other apps that may be using internet bandwidth.
    • Mobile apps can use resources in the background. Close as many apps as possible.
  • Restart your device.
    • Be it iPhone or Android device, rebooting can help fix the problem.

The above solutions should fix the PUBG: New State connection error on both iPhone and Android. If those don’t work, waiting for an official game update is the best option. Let’s hope that happens sooner rather than later!

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Unstable connection Restart the game PUBG New state Error correction

Updated: March 20, 2022 — 3:33 am

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