How to Change Voice in PUBG Mobile

Hi all, in this post I am going to explain to you how to change the voice in PUBG Mobile and the best voice changer app for PUBG Mobile. Before we get to the main topics, let’s know more about the voice changer.

How to Change the Voice in PUBG Mobile

What is Voice Changer

Voice changer is a system that can help you change the voice using sound effects. That system also allows you to change the sound or voice in the PUBG Mobile game.

How Voice Changer Works in PUBG Mobile

It will change your original voice with the help of sound effects. By changing your original voice, you can prank your PUBG friends or squad members. There are many kinds of voice changing methods available like you can change your voice to Robot, Child, Female and more.

There is a simple and easy way to change the voice with an app in PUBG Mobile and you can also use this app for other games like Free Fire, Fortnite, Ludo and more. Or even you can use it to make calls.

Best Voice Changer App for PUBG Mobile

VoiceFX is a best voice changer app for PUBG because it also allows you to change voice in real time and also allows you to record voice on your phone. This app is developed by MobzApp and has up to 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Best PUBG Mobile Voice Changer App

Even with this app you can live stream with your modified voice. It’s free and available on the Play Store or you can download it from the link below.

Let’s go to our main topic:

  • How to Use Voice Changer in PUBG Mobile

How to Change the Voice in PUBG Mobile

Follow all the steps below to change PUBG mobile voice.

  1. To download the Voice Fx app (it is available on the play store or download from the top link)
  2. Open the VoiceFX application.
  3. Go to Institutions

  4. click on Live Voice Playback

  5. Select any sound effect you want (check all sounds one by one).

  6. Open the PUBG mobile.

All you have done just open the PUBG Mobile and now you can use Voice Changer in the game.

Final Thoughts

Today we learned how to change the voice in PUBG Mobile. Hope you understand all the steps, if you have any problem related to our topic, just let me know in the comment section. I will do my best to solve your question. Thanks for reading the message.

Updated: March 12, 2022 — 7:23 pm

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