What are the new features of the PUBG Mobile update? PUBGM 1.3. –

The PUBG Mobile has added some new features to the latest update 1.3. So the player can do more activities in the game for more fun. Also, the Pubgm has made some bugs and glitch improvements on its 3rd anniversary.

Pubg mobile new features on update 1.3: PUBGM season 18

new features on update 1.3: PUBGM season 18
  1. Hide your helmet

From the new feature of Pubg mobile 3rd anniversary, you can hide your helmet during the match. Or you can do it in the lobby. This new feature has been added to boost your confidence in the matches. However, your opponent can see it without any discrimination.

To hide your helmet;

  • Go to inventory
  • GO to inventory setting.
  • Enable the option to hide your helmet.
  1. Show exclusive pose

Do you know an exclusive pose on the Pubg mobile?
It means you get different stylish poses by unlocking some mythical items. But those items are not currently available. But you can unlock them in some special events with UC.

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  1. Good sound quality in the TDM

The player with good list skills can perform better in the Pubg ranking matches. And the TDM is the best place for training. So the good news is that PUBGM has improved the sound quality in the TDM competitions. As a result, you can upgrade your fighting and hearing skills in the TDM.

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Before update 1.3 you couldn’t capture the foot sound of your enemies. You struggled to listen to your squad or opponent’s movements. However, in the Pubg mobile season 18, if you have better headphones, you can get the highest kills in the matches.

  1. Take two weapons in the Lobby

On the third anniversary of Pubg mobile, you can bring two guns in the lobby for more fun.
So, to take 2 guns in the lobby and spawn island;

  • Go to inventory.
  • Go to the weapons section and select AR and melee. First select melee for a firearm. And for melee, pick a firearm first.
articles firearms melee
mythical Allowed Allowed
Legendary Allowed Allowed
Epic Not allowed Allowed

Check the Show firearm option to activate the feature.

Enjoy the Pubg mobile third anniversary season 18 using the bracelet skills as a hero.

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