What is the best graphic setting to get no lag in Pubg: new-state? –

Each player comes to the battlefield to win over his opponents. However, most of them stopped halfway through the game due to a deficit. The main reason for the lag issue in Pubg: the new status is either a wrong graphical adjustment or a device error.

It is a high graphics game that supports better on advanced devices. But if you play this game on mobile with 4GB RAM, you will definitely get lag problem due to higher system requirements.

But there are also some ways to play Pubg’s new state smoothly even in a 4GB RAM phone without lag. Let’s talk about it.

When does the backlog start?

(l) The lagging happens when your enemy gets closer to you on the battlefield. The problem also occurs when using your weapons.

(ii) If you land in a spot where the most opponents land, you’ll get lag.

(iii) The backlog occurs when your device heats up too much.
(iv) Another reason for lagging is the unsupported graphics setting.

What’s the best graphics setting to play Pubg: New State Without Lag?

1. Performance setting

The performance setting offers seven options: Low, Medium, High, Very High, Ultra, Max, and Extreme.

So, if you have a high-end device with a 6GB, 8GB RAM phone, select the Max option. But if you play new state on 4GB RAM phone, keep it low get high performance.

2. Graphics setting

best graphics setting in Pubg: newstate

For 4GB and 6GB RAM, select the Lite image to get lag-free gameplay of Pubg: new state. But you can enjoy the game in High Graphics if you have a phone with 8 GB RAM. The ultra graphic option causes delay.

Likewise, keep the anti-aliasing option AT for high-end phones and FROM for low-key. In addition, the high brightness causes heat problems, so keep it that way medium or low

3. Screen filter and camera view

Create the FPP camera view and TPP camera wide view and select soft screen filtering to enjoy the best new FPS Pubg gameplay.

Another solution to solve delay in Pubg new state

In addition to graphics, players should also try other methods to fix lag issues in Pubg: new state.

(i) Clean up your device to remove unwanted caches and junk files.
(ii) Free up device storage – Delete unnecessary apps and files.
(iii) Install the best game booster.

(iv) Play a game on stable internet.
(v) Close all background apps before relaunching Pubg to reduce lag.

Updated: March 14, 2022 — 2:02 am

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