Why are you muted for violating the rules on PUBG mobile? –

Have you been muted on PUBG mobile for breaking the rules?

Pubg Mobile has successfully earned millions of active users. Due to online entertainment, it struggles to protect its use from spam and harassment. So in order to secure the game from the threat, it has put in place some rules and regulations. PUBG account will be disabled if the player violates the terms. Either temporarily or for life.

Why am I muted on PUBG mobile for breaking the rules?

These days, most players get the message: “you are muted for breaking the rules† And they can’t chat with their friends and any other player on the global PUBG chat.

The players cannot use the specific feature for breaking the rules of PUBG mobile.
If they mute you, it doesn’t mean your PUBG ID will be banned.
But it’s like a warning: if you repeat the same mistake, you won’t get an excuse.

For example, the last time my friend sent the link of a website on the global PUBG chat. In response, he cannot chat with his friends for a day. Ie he got a warning that if he shares the website link in the chat box again, he will be banned permanently.

Or sometimes the official will mute you if someone reports on you for violating the mobile PUBG rules. Other players will complain about you if you use unethical words to chat with another player.

Do not share unknown links; website, Youtube, on the global chat.

If you’ve muted the sound to chat with your friends, you’re in luck, because it’s temporary.
Wait for the requested time, the official will give you another chance.
And after you unmute, make the same mistake, your ID will be banned.

How to play PUBG without ID ban risk?

Most players complain that their PUBG has been lost due to hacking. But hacking isn’t just the way you lose your ID. The player must not do these activities to avoid the risk of being banned.

SourceWhy has my account been banned?

  • Sometimes you get login problem because of the busy server. So do not try to login to your account with third party programs. Show your patient instead.
  • Do not share the website links in the global chat. Otherwise you would be breaking the rules of PUBG mobile.
  • You should also not cheat your teammate in the team game to play Pubg safe. Otherwise, repeating the same mistake multiple times will increase your ID ban.
  • If you want to buy UC, you need to use the authorized channel for payment.
  • Do not team up with your opponent’s player. Always help your teammate to increase their and your rank.
  • To avoid the risk of a PUBG ID ban, do not share your account with anyone else.

Play the game disciplined. Enjoy your time playing the wonderful game PUBG mobile.

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Updated: March 21, 2022 — 8:41 am

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