Why PUBG Pro Players Use iOS Devices?

Is iOS devices better to play PUBG Mobile! Let’s figure it out

According to my research, PUBG Pro players mainly use iOS devices to play PUBG Mobile. Let’s see! Why PUBG Pro Players Use iOS Device!

Android and iOS both platforms have good performance in gaming. for Android, you need 3GB RAM and a good processor to run PUBG Mobile smoothly.
But for iOS, you can still play PUBG Mobile on iPhone 5s without any performance issue.

But the performance depends on the phone specs, so no comparison is possible. Both devices are good.

iOS and Android Comparison for PUBG Mobile

Why people prefer iOS device?

Did you know that many developers release games on iOS first, before Android. The main reason, easier to make a game for iOS. And iOS users spend more time gaming than Android users.

According to research, iOS users enjoy games with fewer problems instead of Android. Old iOS models still work well.
And you can record your videos with the built-in screen recorder, no need to download any app to record your screen.

Do you know why PUBG runs smoothly in iOS?

Because iOS developers give time and develop apps according to the model. This relieves the iPhone/iPad from poor performance and lag issues. And the iOS memory management system is very good than other devices.

Best phone to play PUBG Mobile smoothly without any lag.

Comment below and tell us which device you like and why!!

Updated: March 16, 2022 — 3:19 am

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